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The Life of Riley – Newsletter #3

Join TLoR and the original founding 3 – Riley, Henri, and Jonah LIVE in Amsterdam!

For the first time ever, TLoR will be playing a LIVE show in conjunction with in Amsterdam Saturday, August 2nd @ 6 PM CEST (9 AM Pacific Standard).

You can catch the show live on from anywhere in the world with an internet connection! Tickets available here.

And if you would like to spend the day with the guys, you can! There are just a few tickets left for the “Live the Life” VIP Day, where you get to spend the entire day with TLoR! The day will start off with a boat tour of Amsterdam, followed by lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. Then onto the LIVE show, where you will get to sit in on the soundcheck, Stageit show, and then get your own private set of songs as well! After that, the show must go on with photo sessions and drinks! Limited tickets still available here.

As always, if you have any questions or trouble with tickets, please contact TLoR management at

See you in Holland!!!

Riley, Henri and Jonah


The Life of Riley – Newsletter #2

Dear Lifers,

It’s so good to finally be writing ya’ll again! I hope this letter finds everyone enjoying the changing of the weather and the beauty that is the Spring season!

We have been busy the past few months, and although we haven’t been in touch as much as we would always like to be, we have been taking our time behind the scenes, creating and planning for a lot of TLoR in 2014.

Where to start with all the news we have for you??

Music placement!

TLoR is proud to announce that we have been busy placing our tunes in a number of different projects as of late. Earlier this year we released “This Room” to the upcoming feature film “Borrowed Moments”, and “I Know” in the upcoming feature “Produce”, both due out later this year. We also placed 4 songs in Riley’s new film “Shirin In Love” (in theaters NOW), “Bang, Bang”, “Here with Me”, “Stay”, and “Vancouver”!

Along with placing the songs, we got the opportunity to play a set at the epic Avalon Theatre in Hollywood, for the post premiere party of the film! What an amazing night! The venue is one of the most notable in Los Angeles. The sound was amazing, the crowd was electric, and it felt so good to have a full band back together! Which got us thinking… “Why limit something that feels so damn good?!”

And so we decided, lets keep this thing going! That’s why we are starting a monthly concert LIVE with the full band this Saturday, April 26th at 11 AM (Pacific). Why so early here in the states? So that all our lovely European supporters can join us of course! Along with the new set of shows, we’ll be doing new locations, new guests, and new songs! We even plan on taking some of the Stageit shows on the road and joining them with VIP “Live the Life” weekends, so that some of you can come hang with us and be apart of all of this fun in person! Stay tuned for more information, and newsletters with updates, and JOIN US, this Saturday! We are back and ready to bring the kind of energy you have yet to see from TLoR.

Lastly, because you are such a valued friend and supporter of the band, please accept the brand new, never seen before snip-it video of The Life Of Riley – LIVE in Hollywood at The Avalon Theatre for the “Shirin In Love” post premiere party. We hope you enjoy!

See you this Saturday the 26th, or somewhere soon down the road.


For tickets, click here.

The Life Of Riley Live @ The Avalon:

The Life of Riley – Newsletter #1

Hey Lifers! Welcome to the first official newsletter for TLoR Fan Club!! Thank you for all your dedicated and loving support of our music. We hope this is as exciting for you as it us for us.

Since 2006 you, the loyal fans and friends have allowed us to do what we love, play music and take it on the road. Through our journeys we have met amazing people, discovered long lasting friendships and made memories to last a lifetime.

With our brand new “newsletter”, we plan to keep you up on all of our great journeys and stories. We will try to give back every way that we can. This will include exclusive contests, give aways and priority access to future shows and releases. You the core fans deserve this.

Before moving forward, let us take a minute to look back at some of those favorable memories, if you will.

There are so many. Where to start?

How about the beginning?

When Henri and I first started this band, I only knew 4 chords on the guitar and my writing book was nothing more than journal entries of experiences and things I witnessed first hand. But as soon as hank and I sat down to finish a song I had been writing while on a movie set in Pittsburgh, it was obvious to both of us that we had the makings of something special. Ironically the song was titled, “Forget About Me.” but the feeling was so good. We were hoping that you would never would forget about us, so that we could keep making music for you.

Within months, we had over 15 songs penned. It wasn’t long before we enlisted our best friend Jonah on the drums and took to the studio to engrave these songs as our history.

What started off as making music to place in my films, ended up as a band that was ready to play out live and travel around the planet.

Our first show was at a humble place with a great music reputation in Hollywood, Ghengis Cohen.

The show was sold out and the set was filled with nerves and excitement.

That first year, the band played 4 shows in Hollywood at the Hotel Cafe, went on a 7 city tour of England with our good friend Jason Manns, and played a gig at New York’s famous singer songwriter venue, The Living Room. Not a bad start for a rookie band.

Since then we have been on a roller coaster around the world. What are some highlights?

Opening up for Grammy Award winner Jordin Sparks was one of the biggest settings we have played. Let me tell you, feeling that energy will make you never want to leave the stage.

Bonding with best friends in a sprinter bus across England, will make you never want to leave the road.

And how will we ever forget rolling 80 miles per hour on a short bus, down the interstates of the Midwest. We played 5 cities in 7 days ending up in my hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As I stood on that huge outdoor stage on that muggy August night feeling the warm breeze on my face looking out onto a sea of people filled with my family and hometown friends all singing along with me, it was hard to sing with a lump in my throat but let’s just say, my arms never lost the goosebumps.

We’ve also made it a priority to journey to NYC every year for at least a show or 2, and let’s just say, we leave a little piece of us in the city that never sleeps every July.

Yes, it’s been a whirlwind since forming TLoR. We have changed our style, sound and our band along the way. Isn’t that what finding yourself on the road is all about?

We hope that you have had half the fun watching us and we have had making the art for you.

Now onto the future!

This past year we finished our newest album “By the Way”.

I think I can speak for the band in saying that it’s our favorite thus far.

We believe this and we are trying to make a huge push to promote it and get the music heard. We thank you for all your support in helping make this happen.

So far we have 4 songs off the album placed in two different movies!

We took the album on the road to England in November for its debut. And what a debut it was!

In April of this year we made it back to Europe for a 4 show tour of England and Germany. As always our Euro family of fans did not let us down. Their energy was palpable, hypnotic and made our tour a huge success! We also had a blast introducing the VIP package on that tour. This allowed us to spend quality time, dinners, tours of the cities and front row seats with the exclusive VIP ticket holders.

Thanks to we have been able to keep in touch and play for people all over the world right from the comfort of our studio in LA. What a great invention by an old friend of mine, Jarron Lowenstien.

So look out for another summer series on Stageit with dates to come shortly. Some of these Stageit shows will be done live from our studio in the Hollywood Hills, and some will be live from venues in cities across the US. Shows may even include VIP access for you to join us!!

We are also in the process of planning another mini tour of Europe with some new cities we have never played on the list this fall, and of course a music festival we are very excited to be apart of:

OMS (One More Shot) in Birmingham, England November 1st-3rd.

Tickets for all shows will be on our website at

And because you are now a member of our fan club and newsletter, you will be getting all the news and announcements first!!

So hold on tight! It’s about to get busy for the Lifers! That’s just the way we like it ;)

Much love,

Riley, Henri, and Jonah

The Life of Riley