The Life of Riley – Newsletter #2

Dear Lifers,

It’s so good to finally be writing ya’ll again! I hope this letter finds everyone enjoying the changing of the weather and the beauty that is the Spring season!

We have been busy the past few months, and although we haven’t been in touch as much as we would always like to be, we have been taking our time behind the scenes, creating and planning for a lot of TLoR in 2014.

Where to start with all the news we have for you??

Music placement!

TLoR is proud to announce that we have been busy placing our tunes in a number of different projects as of late. Earlier this year we released “This Room” to the upcoming feature film “Borrowed Moments”, and “I Know” in the upcoming feature “Produce”, both due out later this year. We also placed 4 songs in Riley’s new film “Shirin In Love” (in theaters NOW), “Bang, Bang”, “Here with Me”, “Stay”, and “Vancouver”!

Along with placing the songs, we got the opportunity to play a set at the epic Avalon Theatre in Hollywood, for the post premiere party of the film! What an amazing night! The venue is one of the most notable in Los Angeles. The sound was amazing, the crowd was electric, and it felt so good to have a full band back together! Which got us thinking… “Why limit something that feels so damn good?!”

And so we decided, lets keep this thing going! That’s why we are starting a monthly concert LIVE with the full band this Saturday, April 26th at 11 AM (Pacific). Why so early here in the states? So that all our lovely European supporters can join us of course! Along with the new set of shows, we’ll be doing new locations, new guests, and new songs! We even plan on taking some of the Stageit shows on the road and joining them with VIP “Live the Life” weekends, so that some of you can come hang with us and be apart of all of this fun in person! Stay tuned for more information, and newsletters with updates, and JOIN US, this Saturday! We are back and ready to bring the kind of energy you have yet to see from TLoR.

Lastly, because you are such a valued friend and supporter of the band, please accept the brand new, never seen before snip-it video of The Life Of Riley – LIVE in Hollywood at The Avalon Theatre for the “Shirin In Love” post premiere party. We hope you enjoy!

See you this Saturday the 26th, or somewhere soon down the road.


For tickets, click here.

The Life Of Riley Live @ The Avalon: